WAVEformd A-FRAME Footstop

$24.95 $19.95

Say hello to the A-FRAME by WAVEformd: The footstop you never knew you needed until now. The patent(s) pending A-FRAME features an adjustable stud-based contact surface to keep your toesies cozies and locked in. The accordion-like passive return–aka the adjustable bottom base of the footstop–allows you to set your stance at any angle. THINK: Mini Bindings for your longboard. 

Looking to do a standup slide? The rotating flex of the footstop allows riders to execute a big stand up slide, with a helping hand to rebound back to your natural stance on the other side.

Looking for something more traditional? Swap out the accordion risers and replace with slip washers for full unrestricted rotation.

Just wanna know where the heck your foot is no matter how you ride? Yeah, the studs will guide your way. other words, if you ride, you need this footstop. Downhill, Freeride, Surfskate, the A-FRAME takes you in whatever direction you want to ride. It’s peaky like that.

Kit Includes:

  • 1x A-FRAME Footstop
  • 13x Grip Studs
  • 1x Grip Tile
  • 4x rebounding Accordion Washers
  • 4x low friction Slip Washers
  • 1x 2 inch mounting bolt
  • 1x Brass Top Washer