Split Angle Surfskate Riser Combo


We've taken our surfskate trucks to new heights with our split-angle riser combo. While risers are traditionally thought of as adding height and clearance, these risers do so much more than that. We decreased the overall height and split the angles (wedge/dewedge) to reduce speed wobble and give you more control and surfskate drive at any speed. For riders who already own s6 trucks, it's a great addition, opening up the possibility to use our s6 trucks for more than just pure flatland. 

The OS Split Angle Riser Combo set comes with:

  • Front riser (grey): added +2.5° turning angle, 1/2" tall
  • Back riser (red): reduced -10° turning angle, 5/8" tall
  • with Hardware (2x 1.25 inch, 6x 1.5 inch skate hardware - works for 7 ply decks and OS fiberglass boards) - Contact us for longer hardware for 9 ply decks.

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