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Scott's Surfskate Grip Pad 6.1in-W x 4.5in-L x 0.55in-H — for the Derringer 28 v1


The first Surfskate Grip Pad with metal Grip Tiles that actively pinch and hold your foot through downward flex, patents pending.  While metal works better, Grip Tiles in Scott's Grip Pad can be swapped out for urethane when a barefoot session calls your name, or exchanged for a different set to create a W-Concave — or any other concave shape you can think of.  v1 is fully compatible with additional threaded grip studs for added traction and further shape customization for anyone who wants to experiment.

Since flex and reduced cost are the top priorities forthe active grip system, Scott's v1 Grip Pad is available on only one material: PETG which can be recycled as a number 5 plastic (check your recycling center rules before you wreck a batch).  The PETG printed v1 is rated for a year of typical use and carries a 6 month warranty — you ship it back broken, we will ship you another one, but can be inexpensively replaced by buying the pad only on Scott's ebay store.   At some point you will probably be able to print some version yourself.

Since the majority of all costs come from the Grip Tiles and assembly process — once you buy a set, those tiles can be moved over to the next Grip Pad saving a huge amount of time, resources, and money.  You can swap them to another pad shape, or swap from skate, to surf, to snow.

Durability, customizability, and replaceable resilience, is dramatically increased using the snap and secure back rods which lock in your heel with a hard, grippy, edge to increase drive and pump-ability. The back rods extend above the surface of the grip pad to take any abuse you throw their way and can be replaced on the cheap without requiring the whole pad to be recycled.

Back rods are currently available in grip-cut aluminum (more expensive, dramatically more durable, and much more grippy) and coming soon as printed parts (much cheaper if you just want to see how the shape feels, or eventually print your own).

Nylon and true forged-carbon traditionally-molded grip pad constructions are on the horizon for next year and to target more abusive ridestyles. 

For Surfskate riding outside of a skate park with minimum flip tricks, the PETG printed v1 Grip Pad is less expensive than a single use foam pad or block and should last long enough  for Scott to make another one you want to swap to instead (not forever, recycle or die).  If you are in the park or flipping your surfskate even though none of us can kickflip a surfboard, wait for the impact resistant nylon version.

Will this Grip Pad work on my Surfskate though?

Technically yes.  Any board you think would ride better with a 6.1 in wide x 4.5 in long grip pad will work... but you need to drill a single hole for mounting.  That's sort of a tricky problem... but Scott solved that one already and will be releasing a flexible jig that allows accurate drilling of a single, accurate, central mount hole in any board shape you like, you can print it yourself if you have a 3D printer.

Wider and longer pads starting with 7.5in-W x 4.5in-L which are more compatible with other, wider, boards are also on the way. The first of which should be available next week at Original Skateboards and on Scott's Ebay store.