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Paris V2 180mm 43° Longboard Trucks (Set of 2)


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The highly anticipated Paris V2 180mm trucks are here! The V2s are the classic Paris design with strengthened hangers engineered to take more heat in the street. The V2 has tougher, longer-lasting pivot cups and improved kingpin clearance for a better carve. Painted with a sleek powder-coated finish, the Paris V2 180mm truck is the ideal all-terrain longboard truck.
Paris 43° trucks are geared toward stable downhill and fast freeride. The 43° trucks turn gradually and lean more than the 50° Paris trucks so your turns are smooth and responsive at high speeds. Our team riders set up their boards with 43° trucks when skating steep freeride events or speed-driven mountain sessions.
Paris truck axles are dead-straight, precision-machined and secured into the hanger with a patented axle lock system. The Paris V2 (180mm) 43° Trucks make for a stable ride with the lean you need to make it down to the bottom of the hill in style.