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Cell Primes Longboard Bearings (Set of 8)


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Cell Bearings are forged from high-quality steel to keep your wheels steady-rollin’. Cells have built-in bearing spacers that make wheel assembly a cinch! The spacers align your wheel to the axle for easy set up and maximum performance. Thanks to the built-in speed rings, you can tighten up your axle nuts without applying friction to the spinning bearing.

Cell Primes come with tough, outer rubber shields. The rubber shields make for easier disassembly and cleaning of the inside of your bearings than the metal shields on the Cell Selects.

Cell Prime Bearings are Original’s answer to Bone’s Reds. The ball bearings inside the Primes are forged from blackened chrome steel for added lifespan and smooth spinning goodness.

Whether you’re enjoying a beachside cruise or a fast run down the local steeps, riding smooth bearings is a major key. Original created Cell Bearings with the goal of making durable bearings that can handle whatever our team riders throw down, whether they’re skating in the mountains or at the park. Choose Cells to enhance your riding with a set of high-performance bearings built to last.



Our “Super Reds” Bearing

Cell Primes have built in spacers AND built in speed rings or speeds washer- never crush a bearing when tightening the axle nuts- Aligns the wheel to the axle for max performance. They are made of high quality steel. Also polished balls and races, with an the best retainer to allow maximum spin performance and bearing lifespan. Rubber shields to keep out the most dirt and grime. No inner shields for easy access cleaning. Blackened chrome steel bearing for added lifespan.