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Baffle 37 Longboard Complete (Full Custom)


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The new Baffle 37 longboard is a product of its time. Faster roads and quicker competitors called for a subtle reshaping and improved wheel well stability to make the new Baffle the best yet. With its stability at downhill speed and an uncanny knack for perfecting your slide game, the Baffle leaves folks flabbergasted.

  • Construction: 9 Ply Northeastern Maple
  • Length: 37″
  • Width: 10″
  • Wheelbase: 22.75″ – 26″
  • Deck Weight: 4.6lbs

Suggested Setups:

  • For Freeride: Orangatang Skiffs wheels, Caliber II (184mm) 50° trucks, Cell Prime Bearings
  • For Downhill: Venom 72mm 78a Cannibal Cobra Core Wheels, Caliber II Longboard Trucks 44° (Satin Smoke), Cell Ceramics Bearings


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