White WaveCams for Original Longboard Trucks (Set of 2)


Set includes WaveCams to replace two Trucks.

About the WaveCam:

The WaveCam is the cornerstone that Original Trucks were developed around. Acting somewhat like an incline plane, the WaveCam translates the side to side force of longboard carving into up and down motion which can work with a single spring. Since the WaveCam eliminates the need for multiple resistance mechanisms (ie. two springs or two bushing halves) Original trucks can be made lower, lighter and maintained with fewer parts than many traditional longboard truck designs.

WaveCam Breakage:

Original longboard trucks will come out of the box ready to turn (pun intended) your carving world upside down. That being said with continued wear and tear you will eventually go through your first set of WaveCams. A set of Original trucks with a broken pair of WaveCams will lack the crisp, clean, smooth action of an intact WaveCam set. Replacing your WaveCams will have you back on the road and good as new in no time.

95% of all WaveCam breakage is due to over-tightening. Original longboard trucks should not be tightened past the point at which the top of the WaveCams are even with the top edge of the aluminum casing tube in which they fit in. Prolonged use of over-tightened trucks will result in broken WaveCams 9 times out of 10.