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Surfskate Original S6 150mm Longboard Trucks + Split Angle Risers


The perfect upgrade setup kit for anyone looking to turn their cruiser into a longboard surfskate machine. The Original S6 Longboard trucks are quick as lightning for the ultra tight turns you have always wanted, but never thought possible on a conventional longboard skateboard. To give it that true surfskate feel, we added our split-angle riser combo. While risers are traditionally thought of as adding height and clearance, these risers do so much more than that. We decreased the overall height and split the angles (wedge/dewedge) to reduce speed wobble and give you more control and surfskate drive at any speed. For riders who already own s6 trucks, it's a great addition, opening up the possibility to use our s6 trucks for more than just pure flatland. 

The Surfskate S6 + OS Split Angle Riser Combo set comes with:

  • Original S6 150mm Longboard Trucks (Set of 2)
  • Front riser (grey): added +2.5° turning angle, 1/2" tall
  • Back riser (red): reduced -10° turning angle, 5/8" tall
  • with Hardware (2x 1 inch, 6x 1.25 inch skate hardware)

Is your longboard compatible?

We designed Original longboard trucks to carve as hard as possible. OS trucks boast the greatest degree of board-lean in the longboard truck industry. While unlimited board-lean is impossible on a skateboard, we squeezed every last degree into the turning radius of Original S-Series trucks.

The quick snapback of Original’s patented spring-loaded technology will take your carves to the next level, but your board better be ready for it! Be aware: Unlike traditional bushing trucks, you cannot drop-through mount Original S-Series trucks. If you ride a drop-through deck, don’t worry-just topmount your OS trucks. Topmounted Original trucks still sit lower to the ground than topmounted bushing trucks.

A wise longboarder once said, “You’re just one step away from catching wheelbite and going home.” Avoid a preventable wipeout by making sure that your wheels never touch the bottom of your deck. Check out this short video to learn how to choose the right pair of Original trucks for you.