Maven 35 Longboard Deck


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If you're looking to transition to sliding, freeride, and downhill, the Maven is the name of the name. It's more than just a top-mounted and dropped creatively sleek, slim, sexy silhouette. The concave of the Maven runs through the full platform, bending both ways (and backwards) to give you a locked-in feeling no matter what. 

The Maven is super versatile; it's race-tested, but also ideal for pushing and commuting, sliding and bombing the hill. 

The Devil is in the details. Here's how the Maven 35 stacks up.

  • Contruction: Quad-Axial Fiberglass + 5 Ply Maple
  • Length x Width: 35.75in x 9.75in
  • Wheelbase: 26.5in to 28.0in
  • Concave Depth @9.75in:(.65in)
  • Concave Shape: Drop to Angled Tub
  • Effect Platform: 21”- 25” x 9.75in
  • Rocker Depth: Zero Rocker
  • Gas Pedals: None
  • KickSpecs: Nose/Tail Flairs
  • Wedge or DeWedge Front / Back:0.0 / 0.0

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