Pintail 37 Longboard Deck


Build & Customize Pintail 37 Longboard Complete
Customize a Longboard Complete and save huge on Components & Shipping

The Pintail shape may be the OG of longboards, but it's far from outdated. We redesigned the Pintails and paired them with our performance carving trucks to get you around that morning traffic jam or cruising around your neighborhood and local hills. 

Size matters: The 37 is great for smaller riders (it's the smallest of the Pintail series, after all), but it still packs enough punch to keep advanced riders satisfied. If you're a smaller rider, commuter, or want some extra lean, the 37 will do the trick. 

The Devil is in the details. Here’s how the Pintail 37 stacks up:

  • Construction: 7 Ply Maple 
  • Length: 37 in 
  • Width: 8.25 in
  • Concave: Mellow Tub

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