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Apex 40 AvRockerConcave Longboard Deck


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The Apex 40 AvRockerConcave is agile, but still strong thanks to the quad-axial carbon fiber. It's a true winner in cruising and carving performance while still maintaining that all-around sliding and freestyle soul. 

Size matters: The 40, the longest of our Apex line, is perfect for taller riders (5'8" and above) looking for cruise, carve, and freestyle performance. 

The Devil is in the details. Here’s how the Apex 40 AvRockerConcave stacks up:

  • Construction: 3 Ply Maple + Carbon Re-Inforced Quad-Axial Fiberglass
  • Length: 40.75in x Width: 9.5in
  • Wheelbase: 27.5 to 29in
  • Concave Depth @10.25in:(.620in)
  • Effect Platform: 26.75in x 9.5in
  • Effective Concave @9.5in:(.58in)
  • Gas Pedals: 40 Degree
  • Kick Specs: 5.0in wide x 4.5in long x 1.25in tall
  • Kick Ratio: (4.5 x2) 9 / 31.75 = 28.3%
  • Wedge or DeWedge Front / Back:3.5 / 3.5