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Apex 40 DoubleConcave Longboard Complete (Full Custom)


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Some days you just want to carve. Other days, you might want to freestyle. And maybe you're in the middle of a road trip and stop because you just spotted an amazing hill with the perfect lines to slide and freeride all the way down. The Apex 40 DoubleConcave can do all of that. More mellow, a 0.25" micro-drop, than the DiamondDrop, the DC gives riders stability, versatility, and finesse without losing any comfort. Plus, that carbon fiber construction is sure to give you extra life for all the riding you're about to do. 


  • Construction: 3 Ply Maple + Quad-Axial Fiberglass + Carbon
  • Length: 40.75 in x Width: 9.75in
  • Wheelbase: 28in
  • Concave Depth @10.25in:(.66in)
  • Concave Shape: Micro-Drop Tub
  • Drop Depth: 0.25 inches
  • Rocker Depth: Zero Rocker
  • Effect Platform: 26.5” x 9.25in
  • Gas Pedals: 40 Degree, Micro
  • Kick Specs: 5.0in wide x 4.5in long x 1.1in tall
  • Kick Ratio: (4.5 x2) 9 / 31.75 = 28.3%
  • Wedge or DeWedge Front / Back:0 / 0

Suggested Setups:

  • For Freeride: Powell Peralta 69mm Snakes 75a White Wheels, Paris v3 180mm 50° Trucks (Scarlet), Cell Prime Bearings
  • For Freestyle: Orangatang 65mm Fat Free 80a Orange Wheels, Paris v3 180mm 50° Trucks (Scarlet), Cell Prime Bearings



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