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Apex 37 Throwback Surfskate Longboard Complete


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The Apex 37 Throwback Surfskate — Classic Style. Upgraded Construction. The Apex 37 Throwback was designed to replicate that rail-to-rail, best waves of the season, endless walls, ride until your legs are jello kind of days in one surfskate longboard package.

  • Construction: Triaxial Fibgerglass with 3x Bi-axial Reinforcing Carbonfiber Bars
  • Length: 37 in 
  • Width: 9 in
  • Concave: Camber Tub
  • Clear grip

Apex 37 Throwback Surfskate setup:

  • Apex 37 Throwback Surfskate Deck - in the flex rating of your choice
  • 70mm x 82a Blood Orange Liam Morgan Wheels
  • Original S8 200mm Surfskate Carving Trucks

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