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Pintail 43 Longboard Complete (Full Custom)


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Behold, the Pintail 43: a mellow tub longboard coming in at a sweet 43" sure to satisfy all your cruising and carving needs. Serve it up with some Original S Trucks and you're sure to be out the door and into cruising and carving paradise in no time flat. 

  • Construction: 9 Ply Maple 
  • Length: 43 in 
  • Width: 9 in
  • Concave: Mellow Tub

Suggest Setups

  • For All-Around Carving, Flats, + Hills: Original S8 200mm Carving Trucks, Radius Sata Ride 65mm 80a Cruising Wheels,  Cell Prime Bearings
  • For Packed Power + Increased Stability: Original S10 250mm Carving Trucks, Radius Sata Slide 70mm 80a Cruising Wheels, Cell Ceramic Bearings

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